Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Zero Bacteria - Drinking Water

 “Zero Bacteria - Drinking Water”
No Electricity, No chemicals, No boiling!

Bacterial contamination in drinking water is very common and many a time not detected with normal observation.
Silver metal is a well known bactericide and thin silver sheets can be used to purify water.
  • ·         Collect 10lt of raw water in a container with lid
  • ·         Immerse pure silver sheet of A4 size paper size around 22cm X 30cm
  • ·         Allow the water with silver sheet in the container (dark inside) for around 10 hours without disturbing
  • ·         Water will be bacteria free after 10 hours.

Points to note:
  • ·         Use pure silver sheet
  • ·         Thickness of silver sheet does not matter, surface area is important
  • ·         Keep silver sheet 24 X 7, 365 days immersed in water and in dark
  • ·         Once in 4 days wash the silver sheet in running water, wipe it dry with clean cloth and reuse for water treatment

Additional Information:
Water from Rainwater tank, open well, bore well, lakes, ponds, rivers and canals can provide water for domestic use. However, all these sources have varying degree of contaminants, rainwater being the purest and the surface water stored in an open pond may be the most contaminated. All the above sources need to be treated for potable purposes.

Rainwater collected from a surface is relatively free from salts and other dissolved impurities compared to water from bore well, open well or from river.  However rainwater collected from the surface may be contaminated (bacteriological contamination). Fecal coliform and E.coli are the common and harmful bacteria present in all the above sources of water.
Salient features of treating water by silver sheet:

·         A simple and a safe method for treating water
·         Provides 100% bacteria free drinking water
·         No electricity or chemicals required
·         No harmful side effects and does not impart any odour or taste to the water
·         An inexpensive and affordable method
·         No recurring cost
·         No maintenance
·         Suitable for urban as well as rural conditions
·         An environment friendly method
·         Any individual can treat water at his/her own place with this method
·         Effortless, convenient method for all the section of our society
·         Can be carried with you where ever you go


·         This method of treatment does not alter the salts / chemical composition of water
·         The higher the bacterial contamination more is the surface area of silver need to be exposed for water treatment
·         Time taken to treat water may be reduced for a given quantity of water by increasing surface area of silver directly in contact with water