Monday, 4 August 2014

Tall structures in Bangalore go higher and higher to reach the clouds and also Harvest Rainwater

“Tall structures in Bangalore go higher and higher to reach the clouds and also Harvest Rainwater”

RWH at Larsen & Toubro (L&T) South City

Silicon city is Known for its rich IT sector, which is attracting more people towards it, as the inflow of the crowd is increasing, there is a need for buildings to grow taller but the availability of basic needs are not catching up with the demand.
L & T South city with a campus area of 34 acres is a land mark in south Bangalore and also the tallest.
South city with 1998 apartments from 18 blocks has 12 acres land dedicated for roads, Parks and civic amenities. 

Water consumption is estimated at 13.5 lakh lts/day. The requirement of water is being met from multiple sources - BWSSB supply, Borewells, Tanker supply and Harvested Rainwater.

*      Total Plot Area                                                           - 1, 37, 592 sq. m.
*      Rainwater Potential from the plot                            - 133 Million liters
*      Annual Rainfall                                                         -  971 mm
*      Roof Area                                                                   - 15, 595 sq. m.
*      Roof top annual rainwater potential                        - 13 Million liters

Rainwater harvesting systems have been installed as per the technical support of KSCST and the roof water is being stored in underground sump tanks. The over flow of the underground sumps is connected to low yielding borewells. 

Rainwater flowing on the surface is diverted to a pond created inside the plot. Water stored in the pond is being recharged in to the ground by creating accelerated recharge wells inside the pond. These accelerated recharge wells are created by installing precast cement rings as liners for the open dug wells.

Rainwater from the roof and the surface flow in the plot is effectively harvested for reuse in the south city apartments. The excess flow during very heavy rainfall is made to flow in to the Puttenahalli lake which is on the downstream of the plot.