Friday, 25 April 2014

“Rainwater Harvesting Theme Park” - New Feather in the cap of Bangalore

New Feather in the cap of Bangalore  - “Rainwater Harvesting Theme Park”

The 1.5 acre park, on the 40th Cross, 8th main in Jayanagar V Block, demonstrates all techniques of harvesting rainwater. It has over 26 working models.

The word ‘park’ in Bangalore immediately brings to mind Cubbon Park and Lal Bagh, two popular and precious lung spaces, doesn’t it? Any of you have heard of a rainwater harvesting park? It’s been thriving for several years now and it’s rather special in many ways. Over 35000 visiters have taken benifit from this RWH park.

This park demonstrates all techniques of harvesting rainwater and water conservation. It has 26 working models that tackle questions on water consumption and conservation, including some real cool machines that can tell you how much water your body contains!
By the way, it’s the only rainwater harvesting theme park in the entire country!

The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) owned this vacant plot. Although rainwater harvesting was made mandatory through a by-law in the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) in 2002, Bangalore didn’t seem to be getting anywhere with the implementation because no one was seriously concerned about the looming water crisis. There were tankers at everyone’s back and call.

Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology team led by AR Shivakumar came up with the idea of a theme park, designed, developed and is being managed. This RWH theme park is the first of its kind in the country, to address frequently asked questions on rainwater harvesting, water collecting systems, filtration and storage systems and groundwater recharge methods.

Tunturu Mahithi Kendra: Main building of the park consists of the following

  1. Water Gallery
  2. Sewage Gallery
  3. Centre Gallery
  4. Auditorium

  • The RWH theme park is all about conserving water.
  • There are different RWH models with different types of :
    • Roof to collect rainwater (Flat, Circular, Sloping)
    • Channelization of rainwater (Bamboo, Plastic / Fibres, PVC)
    • Filtration of rainwater (13 varieties of filters including natural and commercial)
    • Storage tanks for rainwater (UG sump, Surface tank, Earthen pots, Ferro cement containers)
  • There are many Ground water Recharging systems such as:
    • 4 cement ring wells
    • Infiltration trenches
    • Barrel System
    • Pervious pavers
    • Water wise Landscape

  • There are slot machines with buttons with different types such as:
    • Names of grains (Ragi, Rice, Wheat, and Sugarcane). Press the button and it will tell you how much water is required to grow a kilo of the particular grain.
    • Bore well Recharge with filtration system
    • A typical RWH House model
    • Normal, Aerator and Flow restrictor taps to show how to conserve water
  • Some other informative models to show how much water you can conserve such as:
    • Dual flushing system for toilets – 75000 lts/year
    • Front loading washing machine – 15000 lts/year
    • Jet Injector Hose Connector for Car wash - 5000 lts/year
    • Flow Aerator Showers - 10000 lts/year

  • A Quiz model which gives information about Bangalore.
  • Information about Waste water treatment plant, its discharge standards.
  • A section of the park has different types of gardens based on water consumption. The water intensive patch, for instance, has ornamental plants while the ‘Herb garden’ has a variety of medicinal plants.
  • Astral Park which has plants specific to Particular Zodiac Signs.  
  • Numerous display Boards are placed all around the park and inside the building.

“A Great Informative Centre in Bangalore, Visit, Learn and Make Good Use of it Soon”