Tuesday, 15 April 2014

CONNECT storm water drain to MOTHER earth

“CONNECT storm water drain to MOTHER Earth”

City storm water drains to recharge ground water!

The drain in front of your house can harvest precious rainwater and recharge ground water.

Ground water is exploited beyond the limits and is declining in alarming speed in our cities. Simple interventions can reverse the trend.

Create a rainwater recharge trench in front of your house:

Open up one of the stone slab at the bottom of the storm water drain.
Dig a pit of rectangular shape to a depth of one meter or 3 feet.
Fill the trench with pebbles or stones or aggregates or broken bricks to 2 ft depth.
Add a layer of smaller stones or aggregates (Jelli) for a depth of 6 inches over the pebbles.
Place a mosquito net over the layer of small stones.
Fill the balance top portion of the trench with river bed coarse sand.
Rainwater from the road, from your house or from your neighbours will flow in to the trench and the sand will arrest all the silt before the rainwater percolate in to the ground. Once in a while the sand layer may be removed, washed in water to takeout all the silt and relayed to activate.
A very effective and low cost option to harvest rainwater for ground water recharge.

Imagine if in front of ever house or every other house, this trench is built and rainwater is allowed to percolate in to the ground, how quickly will the bore wells / tube wells get recharged?

Can we bring in a change?
Do your bit for our society!
It is inexpensive and needs your will to address.

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