Monday, 7 April 2014

PopUp filter for rainwater harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting Filter - "PopUp Filter" - Karnataka

PopUp filter is the Rainwater Harvesting filter "Designed and Developed by Mr. A. R. Shivakumar, patent held at Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore".

Features of PopUp Filter
Rainwater collected on the roof is very pure and clean. However, there are many substances which get mixed with this pure water on the roof (leaves, bird droppings, dust etc.). These impurities need to be filtered before the rainwater is stored. An important feature in filtering rainwater is the separation of the first flush of rainwater from the relatively cleaner and purer subsequent rain. PopUp filter is a simple device, which is very effective and user friendly. This filter is working satisfactorily in many residential and smaller institutional or industrial buildings. PopUp filter is simple in design and very flexible to install in varying field conditions.
The patent of the PopUp filter designed by Mr. A.R. Shivakumar is held at the State Council.
KSCST had transferred the technology to Raj Irritech Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad, Gujarat for commercial production and marketing between Sep 2009 till Sep. 2014. Now the technology licence to Raj Irritech Pvt Ltd stands expired.