Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Rainwater Harvesting Cell @ KSCST IISc Bangalore

Do you believe in Sustainability, Conservation, Nature, Rainwater Harvesting (RWH)!
Can we bring in a change for a better tomorrow?
Yes, You and I can.

Water supply in Bangalore is always short against the total demand. Surface water is inadequate to meet our demand and we have to depend on groundwater. Due to rapid urbanization, infiltration of rainwater into the subsoil has decreased drastically and recharging of groundwater has diminished. This scenario requires an alternative source to bridge the gap between demand and supply.  Rainwater, which is easily available and is the purest form of water, would be an immediate source to augment the existing water supply by “catching water wherever it falls”.  Recycling or reuse of treated water is another source for at least secondary purposes.
Rainwater Harvesting has emerged as a viable alternative to traditional perennial sources of water in urban areas facing water shortage and flooding during monsoons.

The estimated population of BBMP's 198 wards as per the 2011 census is 84.74 lakhs (8.474 million), up from 45.92 lakh in 2001. The population of men and women is 44 lakh and 40 lakh respectively. Since the population is below 1 crore (10 million), Bangalore remains a B class city.
The population density in Bangalore has risen 47% in the past decade as job opportunities and economic growth have attracted people to Bangalore. The number of people living per square kilometer in the city has increased to 4,378 in 2011 from 2,985 in 2001.
Seven neighboring city municipal councils, a municipal town and 110 villages were merged into Bangalore in 2007.
Bangalore is now expanded to 825 sq km in its area. BWSSB is planning to cover the BBMP area of 825 sq km. BWSSB has 8,70,000 (2016) connections for delivery of water which encompasses domestic, institutional, commercial Government and others.
Realized the importance of harvesting rainwater and as a first step through BWSSB, RWH has been made mandatory for most of the properties in Bangalore.
We at KSCST feel, we can offer help to address your needs to conserve water and harvest rainwater.

We are in the BUSINESS of creating awareness and building entrepreneurial skills on rainwater harvesting over a decade and following (use the web link below) FAQs emerged through our interaction with nature friendly people of Namma Bangaluru...


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