Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Zero Energy Water

Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting and using rainwater in a scientific and controlled manner.

Rainwater can be collected from Flat roof or inclined roof.
Rain water can be stored at different levels. Storing the harvested rainwater on the roof itself will give you freedom from pump and electricity.

As the rainwater flows from clouds to the roof of our building, it is logical to store the water on the roof for future use. Since the roof water need filtration and the filters will need some head for the rainwater to flow through them, we can install rainwater tanks on a roof lower than that of the collection roof.

Water from this tank can be used in all the taps which are below this level. This water is “Zero Energy Water”
In nature, hydrological cycle takes the water which is on the ground through evaporation and form clouds. By this process water has traveled against the earth’s gravity and comes down as rain. Instead of allowing the roof top rainwater to flow in to the tank at the ground level, we can store part of harvested rainwater on the intermittent roof levels.

The rainwater stored in these tanks does not need electricity or pump for use, instead flows down by gravity.

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