Sunday, 4 May 2014

Catch the rain where it falls!

“Generate pure water from your own roof”

“Invite clouds on to your roof and then to your tank”
·        In cities, buildings are usually constructed with rooftops of  Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) or  Mangalore tiles.
·        Rooftop rainwater usually flows into storm water drains outside the plot area.
·        As roofs are built with hard material, large quantities of rainwater will runoff and loss due to evaporation and percolation are minimal. 
·        “Catch the rain where it falls” - allow the rooftop rainwater through a filter in to your tank.

In your building you have the roof, you have the down water pipes and also a tank to store water.
Just interconnect two or three down water pipes and attach a rainwater filter before allowing the rainwater in to your tank. You will get pure water at your door step.
You will be the ambassador to save water.
This simple gesture of yours will go a long way to protect nature and its precious resources.
Go green, Conserve water, Harvest rainwater. 

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