Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Cool solution to save Energy.

Cool solution to save Energy.

 Our house becomes truly eco friendly, when we use less electrical energy, water and LPG.

·        As thumb rule say, energy consumption per person per month is around 160 -100 KwH. This means an average family uses 400-500 units of electricity a month.
·        The WHO standard of water consumption is 135 litres per person per day.
·        14 kg LPG cylinder is expected to last a family for two months.
Points to adopt for huge savings of your Energy and Money.

  ·   Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) or LED lights. Replacement of CFLs will save 80% energy for same light output

 ·      Install solar water heater with electrical heaters instead of geysers in all the bathrooms.

  • Energy saving from solar water heaters is close to 40% for domestic use.

   ·    Set the thermostat in the    geyser / solar water heater hot water tank at 50o and avoid                                                                         overheating of water to 60 or 70o.
                                                        Heat losses are higher at high temperatures.

·        Paint walls with light color / pastel paints to brighten rooms. This will result in less use of artificial lighting.

·        A ‘zero watt’ bulb is a misnomer. It is actually a 15 watt bulb and it consumes power equivalent to CFL to light up a big room.

·        Switch off TV/Computer/Music system through switch and not through remote when not in use for long time. The ghost load consumption of electricity takes away lots of energy.

·        Use energy efficient equipment. Observe energy efficiency rating on appliances and gadgets like water pumps, refrigerators, washing machines etc., before you buy them (5-star rating is the best).

·        Paint your roof top white and reflect the sun’s heat. You may discover that you don’t really need fans.

·        Use a pressure cooker to cook rice, dal and vegetables. Avoid cooking in open vessels. Cooking in pressure cooker saves fuel upto 50%.

·        Make sure that your pond with aquatic plants and guppy fish is positioned next to your windows. This will ensure that you get cool breeze, taking away the need for air-conditioners or fans.

·        Avoid mindless generation of waste. Every kilogram of waste that has to be transported to landfills nearly 50 kms. away from the city, have a huge fuel cost (diesel that dump trucks use costs money). Over 60% of waste generated in house-holds is organic and can be treated at home.

·        Avoid using your car when you can cycle or walk. When you are driving, stop and switch off the engine when the traffic light turns red. 

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