Sunday, 18 May 2014

Create your own Underground Lake - almost free of cost

 “Create your own Underground Lake” - almost free of cost
Ground water Recharge – One time investment, Lifetime Advantage, No replacement, No maintenance!
You do it today, influence all your neighbors tomorrow and if you are lucky,
you will have pure water sparkling in your own well!

Rainwater from roof tops of buildings, roads, payments, playgrounds and many such surfaces flow out of our city in a normal course. Most of us neglect this precious water and may consider this as a nuisance!

Simple interventions which you take in your house or your premises will make a sea change and literally you can create your own underground lake.

Divert rainwater in to an existing old well, even if it is dry. Make sure the rainwater is filtered to avoid debris to enter the well.
You can create a cement ring well. Cement ring wells can be built by digging the ground (circular shape of 3 or 4 ft diameter) to the required depth (minimum 10 feet) followed by inserting precast cement rings to avoid caving in of the side soil. Fill up the remaining excavated pit around the rings with jellie (aggregates or boulders). Do not fill anything inside the cement rings. Rainwater may be allowed directly into the well for ground water recharge. 

Ground water recharge can also be done through check bunds, infiltration trenches and infiltration galleries.

Rainwater from the well passes through many layers of soil and will reach the water table to create large underground lakes.

“We are giving back water to our mother earth”

You do it today, influence all your neighbors tomorrow and if you are lucky,

you will have pure water sparkling in your own well!
Excavated well , Cement rings ready for installation . 

Cement rings inserted ,  aggregates filled around the rings . 

Cement ring well for surface recharge .

Cement ring well with safety grill for roof top rain water recharging .

Your own funnel to recharge roof water into the ground
Crystal clear - Sparkling rain in a traditional well

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