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Useful “Used WATER”

Useful “Used WATER”

Demand on existing fresh water sources is increasing with time and availability of water for domestic needs need to be planned from multiple sources.
Used water will be the logical source for generating secondary water for use in domestic households also.

Two types of waste water generated at homes are Grey water and Black water. Grey water is used water from non-toilet plumbing fixtures such as showers, basins and taps. This water is ideal for toilet flushing and gardening if used with appropriate precaution. Black water is water that has been mixed with toilet waste. Black water requires biological or chemical treatment and disinfection before reuse. For single dwellings, treated and disinfected black water can only be used outdoors, and often only for subsurface irrigation.

Advantages of reuse include reduction in water bills, usage of fewer fresh water resources, gardening during drought or water restrictions, cut down in the amount of pollution going into waterways, helps to save money on new infrastructure for water supplies and waste water treatment. The quality of reused water depends on the treatment system, the water’s previous use and the chemicals used at home. Few measures at home can simplify treatment requirements of grey water such as minimizing the use of cleaning chemicals, use of natural cleaning products where ever possible, use of low or no sodium laundry detergents, soaps and shampoos, etc.

Washing Machines usually require 70-140 liters per load of clothes. Hence it’s better to use the machine for full load to save water. A Front Loading washing machine saves 50% of water when compared to a Top Loading washing machine. Also you can recycle the water that your washing machine spews out every day; this needs some infrastructure like a separate sump with a pump and a dedicated overhead tank which can be connected to the toilet flushing system. One of such method is adopted in a house “Sourabha” in Vijayanagar, Bangalore.
 Water used in the washing machine in this house which may contain dirt, sweat and some grease from the clothes, is pumped up to a tank which is kept at a higher elevation for storage. This water is then passed through an aeration system (water flows through an open channel to remove bad odor). The treated water is used for toilet flushing. You can also use the used water from washing machine for toilet flushing by collecting in buckets.

 In this house, kitchen sink outlet water (without soap or chemicals) is used for watering plants. A water trap for the outlet pipe is required to avoid entry of cockroaches and other insects. 

“Reduce the usage of precious fresh water - Reuse and Recycle water”

RO Reject Water can be reused for Mopping the floor

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