Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Kerala in India is at CROSS ROADS - Water... Water.... Water.....

Kerala in India is at CROSS ROADS - Water... Water.... Water.....

Kerala state is blessed with over 3000 mm (118 inch) annual rainfall. Traditionally Keralites depend on ground water drawn from open wells for all their water needs (including drinking).

Kerala is planning full steam for piped water supply to reach 33.3 million (100% population) by 2020.

State statistics shows there are 63 lakh open wells across Kerala (Sustainable and Decentralised source of water).
This implies almost every house / family has a open well [6.3M-wells/(33.3M-population/5-family size)].

Options to choose:

Roof top Rainwater (RWH) diverted to open wells at each house and also sanitize every open well at regular intervals -
Empower citizens and build sustainability.


Dig up thousands of kilometres of land, roads, forest, (Fragile ecosystem - Western ghats - one of the 12 hot spots in the world) .... to connect (pipe) every house in Kerala, pump up  millions of litres of river / borewell water then treat it to supply -

Create huge infrastructures and own up (Government) responsibility.

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