Monday, 28 April 2014

Harvest Rainwater and a Host of Benefits

Harvest Rainwater and a Host of Benefits

Advantage of Rainwater Harvesting

·       Easy to maintain
·       Reduce water bills.
·       Suitable for irrigation.
·       Reduces demand on ground water.
·       Rain water can be used for a variety of operations.
·       No wasting money on water tankers.
·       No Water shortage due to water cuts.
·       Recover installation cost within 2 – 3 Years due to savings in water bills.
·       Savings of up to 200 liters of water per family in the society per day.
·       Simple designs and concepts.
·       Quick and easy to install.
·       You join the happy family of conservationists.
·       It recharges ground water.

Disadvantage of Rainwater Harvesting

·       Unpredictable Rainfall
·       Initial high cost
·       Regular Maintenance
·       Certain roof types may seep chemicals or Animals droppings
·       Storage limits.


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