Thursday, 9 October 2014

RAIN RAIN, no more FLOODING in Bangalore!

"Rain Dance on the Roof Top"

Please step out to soak your body, soul and heart and indulge in joy and happiness and let go off your worries and tension in the purest form of water "CLOUD JUICE" 

Join the campaign to spread the message:  
"Conserve Water - Harvest Rainwater"

Do you remember the last time you soaked in RAIN and enjoyed it?
Do this today! Enjoy natures gift. It is wonderful to look up and feel the falling PEARLS from the cloud above you. You deserve it.

Wake up Bangalore, Wake up!
Walk up to your roof and feel the natures showers blessing you.

Harvest Rainwater and avoid FLOODING in Bangalore
If all the properties (around 18 lakh) in Bangalore harvest at least 5000 lt from their roof, 50% of the rainwater flowing in the drains and on the roods can be permanently avoided. This means no flooding in Bangalore forever.

We can do it, it is doable!

"Rain Dance on the Roof Top"
Join the campaign to spread the message to
"Conserve Water - Harvest Rainwater"

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