Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Thank you... Water bill not paid for 20 years in Bangalore!!!

Thank you... 

Water bill not paid for 22 years in Bangalore!!!

"Sourabha" the ecofriendly home turning 22 today the 5th November (Grihapravesha 5th Nov 1995).
Sourabha Ecofriendly HOME

Thank you all:
Clouds - provided rainwater for all the water needs (24X7 - 365 days a year) including drinking water, no city water connection and we have not received monthly water bill till date.
Rainwater Harvesting System

Zero bacteria water by treating with SILVER sheet
White roof to reflect the suns heat
Sun - gave us light, heat, warmth and energy to hundreds of plants in and around Sourabha.
Sky lights to light-up the house

Trees and Plants - Air-conditioned our house without using electricity, gave us fresh and cool air by filtering dust and pollutants throughout the year. Neem tree and several medicinal plants avoided visiting "Doctors" for years. Sheltered many birds, butterflies, insects and many more.
Coconut husk to support plants
Birds visiting Sourabha
Birds visiting Sourabha
Birds visiting Sourabha
Neem tree - Danvantri at Sourabha
Earthworms - Tirelessly converted all our tons and tons of garbage in to manure which is now stored as fixed deposit in the form of several trees and hundreds of lovely plants.
Earthworms to treat garbage

Fish, tortoise, snails, tadpoles... - Kept our water bodies filled with rainwater fresh and clean throughout the year and also protected the lotus to give us each day one flower.
Water plants and flowers
My house inside Sourabha garden

Fish in the water bodies around Sourabha

Architects, Sudha and Jayashree - They translated our dream in to reality.

Anu Solar - Mr Joseph - He took a bold step in to manufacturing and marketing of my design of Solar Water Heater and in Sourabha the MS collector is still kicking providing hot water each day.
Mild Steel solar collector for water heating

And all those in the neighbourhood who tolerated us for such a long time - Experimenting with MOTHER NATURE. 

Save energy - be ecofriendly

Rattrap walls to cool the house
Used water from washing machine water for toilet flushing
Kitchen water for lush green garden plants

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